The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis

Volume 41, Number 3, Fall 2013

Editor: Richard Friedman
Deputy Editors: Cesar Alfonso and Jennifer Downey


The Emerging Evidence for Long-Term Psychodynamic Therapy - pp. 361
Falk Leichsenring, Allan Abbass, Patrick Luyten, Mark Hilsenroth and Sven Rabung

Case Presentation:  Long-Term Treatment - pp. 385
Myron L. Glucksman

Commentary on “Case Presentation: Long-Term Treatment” by Myron L. Glucksman - pp. 393
Richard C. Friedman, Editor

The Use of Attachment Theory in the Clinical Dialogue with Patients - 397
Mauricio Cortina

Is Increased Sexual Behavior a Symptom of Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents? - pp. 419
Stewart Adelson, Robinette Bell, Adam Graff, David Goldenberg, Elizabeth Haase, Jennifer I.l Downey and Richard C. Friedman

A New Look at Borderline Personality Disorder and Related Disorders:  Hyper-Reactivity in the Limbic System and Lower Centers - pp. 437
Michael H. Stone

Edited by Joseph R. Silvio

Slots:  Praying to the God of Chance by David V. Forrest - pp. 467
Reviewed by R.N. Wharton

Preventing Patient Suicide:  Clinical Assessment and Management by Robert I. Simon - pp. 469
Reviewed by John T. Maltsberger

Treatment Resistant Depression (A Roadmap for Effective Care) edited by John F. Greden, Michelle B. Riba and Melvin G. McInnis - pp. 471
Reviewed by Nicholas Holliday

Shrink Rap by Dinah Miller, Annette Hanson and Steven Roy Daviss - pp. 473
Reviewed by Jill Savege Scharff

Unusual Interventions:  Alterations of the Frame, Method, and Relationship in Psychotherapy edited by Salman Akhtar
Reviewed by Crittenden E. Brookes

Working with Trauma:  Lessons from Bion and Lacan by Marilyn Charles - pp. 481
Reviewed by Jeremy Ridenour

The Analysis of Failure:  An Investigation of Failed Cases in Psychoanalysis and Psychiatry by Arnold Goldberg - pp. 486
Reviewed by Richard D. Chessick

An Accident of Hope:  The Therapy Tapes of Anne Sexton by Dawn Skorczewski - pp. 492
Reviewed by Marilyn Charles

Winnicott and Religion by Stephen E. Parker - pp. 500
Reviewed by Mariam C. Cohen

Diagnosing and Treating Dissociative Identity Disorder:  A Relational Approach by Elizabeth Howell - pp. 502
Reviewed by Joseph R. Silvio

Handbook of Mentalizing in Mental Health Practice edited by Anthony W. Bateman and Peter Fonagy - pp. 505
Reviewed by Marianne Horney Eckardt


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