Message from the President

Michael Blumenfield

Message from the President

By: Michael Blumenfield, M.D.
President, AAPDP, 2012-2014

Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to send you this greeting on our new Electronic Newsletter.
This will be a method of getting more frequent information to you in a less expensive and hopefully more convenient manner. I am sure you will find it interesting and informative to learn about the various activities which are happening in the Academy.

Our Annual Meeting

We had a very successful meeting in San Francisco, which many of you attended. There are some articles and pictures about the meeting included with this newsletter. I hope that some of you will consider making presentations at our New York meeting and that as many of you as possible will plan on attending. The theme will look at modern psychodynamic psychiatry 75 years after the death of Freud. Our Co-Chairs Drs. Perman and Schwartz have some very creative ideas that should make this another outstanding meeting.

SIGS and Salons

I have been trying to support several initiatives, which I hope will be stimulating and helpful to our organization. Enclosed in this newsletter is a list of our online SIGs (Special Interest Groups) which allow members to have ongoing discussion about specific topics. You are welcome to join any of them. The activity on them has been sporadic and it usually takes one or two people to start the discussion on some relevant topic. There also is the potential to use the listserve to develop a panel or symposium for a professional meeting. I have even floated the idea that the various SIGs could contribute to chapters of a book that the Academy might put forth.
Our Academy Salon initiative is another project in which several people have expressed an interest. This would be a local get together of members in a specific geographic area. It could be at a member’s home, at a restaurant or other location. The purpose could be social and/or professional with either a speaker on a particular topic or a discussion of clinical issues. The Academy office would be glad to assist in sending out invitations or in other ways that
would be helpful.

New Project- Freud Lectures – We need your help

There is one other project, which I am exploring and I need your help.
I would like to put together a small lecture series tentatively named the Freud Lectures that our Academy would put on the Internet for free viewing. The number, to be determined, would be video lectures done by the members of the Academy who would be presenting their best talks. We would choose the lecturers by nominations from other members of the Academy who have heard these people give an outstanding lecture. We would hope to make this series available world-wide on the Internet and thus showcase our organization. It could also help to publicize our New York meeting. In addition, we might also make a DVD of them available at that meeting. I have appointed a small committee to ultimately choose the participants from nominations and suggestions that we receive from our membership. I am exploring methods of recording the lectures (at local medical schools or via the Internet) as well as how we would publicize them. I am also open to donations to defray the cost and already have had some pledges. However, the most important aspect of this project will be to identify people who could be nominated as our Freud Lecturers. So I am asking you to reflect on the best talk that you have heard given by a member of the Academy. If you can’t recall the topic then at least send me your suggestion for a person who you know gives a great talk. We need some great lectures that will show our subject material in the best possible light. Please contact me with your suggestions as well any interest in supporting this project.

Recommend New Members

As always, we depend on you to suggest to both junior and senior colleagues who value psychodynamic psychiatry to apply for membership in our organization. We have put the international dues structure on a graduated scale according to various parts of the world and are also in the process of streamlining the membership process.

Congratulations to New Officers

Finally, I want to congratulate the newly elected officers who as of the end of our May meeting officially join the Executive Council. They are:  Dr. David L. Lopez - President-Elect who will take over May 2014 , as well as the other new officers who start immediately ; Dr. Eugene Della Badia - Secretary; Dr. Eugenio M. Rothe - Treasurer; and Drs. Joanne E. Chambers, Carlo A. Filiaci and Mark Novick - Trustees.  I am looking forward to working with this outstanding group.

I also look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact me on any of the above subjects or anything else.

Best regards,

Michael Blumenfield
American Academy of Psychoanalysis and Dynamic Psychiatry

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